Customised social media training

Want to take maximum advantage of the social media? Customised or tailored training could be the most cost-effective choice for your business or organisation.

We deliver customised training at venues across south Dorset. A customised course is usually delivered at your premises and if you’re not in Dorset, we’re able to travel any reasonable distance in the south or west of England.

The benefits of customised training courses are:

  • The training focuses entirely on the needs and issues of your business or organisation.
  • Course length and content is tailored to fit the availability of you and your team.
  • The training agenda is dynamic, responding to your needs and issues, rather than keeping to a rigid schedule.

How much does customised training cost?

We want our training services to be affordable to Dorset businesses and other organisations of all sizes. Indicative prices for delivering training at your offices are:

  • A two-hour session of one-to-one training – £100
  • A half-day session of one-to-one training – £160
  • A half-day of training for two to four people – £200

All of these prices will be plus travel, where appropriate. A specific price will be agreed with you in advance of the training being delivered. We do not charge VAT.

There are alternatives to customised training.

If you want to train just one or two people or you’d like to meet with others learning about social media, attending a public course could be a more appropriate, and less expensive, solution.

Alternatively, rather than training, you could benefit from an ongoing programme of support. Take a look at our options for: 

Or to talk to us directly, send an email to or call 07970 108191.