How to get more people reading your Facebook posts

Getting people to read your posts on Facebook can be hard work. A good place to start is by sharing stories, pictures and information that will be of interest to your target audience, but even then, persuading eyeballs to look at your Page can still be a tough task. So here’s a tip for making it a little easier. And it’s a great alternative to continually pleading with people to visit and Like your Facebook Page.


Did you know that every post you share on Facebook has its own unique web address or URL? What this means is that you can share a link to a specific post, rather than just to your Page.


Share great photos or interesting conversations

Here’s an example. Let’s say you shared a great picture or some news and you know it’s connected well with your audience because it’s getting Likes, shares and comments. You want to share the post with a wider audience off Facebook, because you know they’ll appreciate it and it will help promote your Facebook Page.

Here’s how you do it. Click on the date or time stamp at the top of your Facebook post. This is the text that tells readers when the post was published. It’ll say something like ‘5 minutes ago’ or ‘14 hours ago’ or ‘May 7’ , like the example below.


Clicking on this link opens the unique web page for that specific post, displaying the URL in the browser navigation bar.

You can now copy and paste this URL into an email, a tweet, a blog post or any other way you want to share it.  


Remember to give people a great reason to tap or click on the link. Let’s say you’ve posted a photo that people are really liking. You might say: “Hundreds of people like my latest Facebook picture - what do you think?” Or perhaps your post has led to lots of comments on a particular subject, so you might want to encourage people to join in the discussion.

Even if the person clicking on the link doesn’t have a Facebook account, they should still be able to see your post and the comments.

This works for Facebook Pages, but if you share a link to a Facebook post on a personal account, be warned that the link may not work for everyone. It depends on the privacy settings you’ve chosen.

This post-sharing technique also works with Twitter. Every tweet has its own unique web address and you can get to it in the same way, by clicking on the time stamp at the top of the tweet.

Telling Twitter about my most popular Facebook post

Take the time to share your best posts

Choose your best Facebook posts to share, and by best, I mean those that have the most Likes, shares and comments. You can tell a post is popular by its high level of engagement - all those Likes and comments - this means it has wide appeal.

Capitalise on this appeal by sharing a link to that post with your audience on other networks. Some of them will click through, some will also engage with the post and some will Like your Facebook Page for the first time.

Give this link sharing a go and see for yourself if it makes a difference. I’d be interested to hear whether it works for you.

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