A visual guide to SEO - infographic

If you're using social media to promote a business, organisation or cause, there's a good chance that you also have a website. Having a website means you're probably concerned with SEO (search engine optimisation) - which is all about how easy your site can be found through search engines. If you're not concerned at all about SEO, don't expect to get many visitors to your website.

SEO is a hugely complex subject. There are hundreds of factors that influence where your website appears when someone performs a search online. If your site isn't listed near the top of the first page of a search, the chances of anyone clicking through are dramatically reduced.

A graphical presentation of the key SEO factors

The team at Search Engine Land have produced a handy graphic that helps explain the factors which influence SEO.

Different factors carry different weighting. The most important are shown at the top of the middle section, which those in red are negative factors, that can damage your search engine position.

The notes to the left and right of the table give a brief explanation of the factors.

My approach to SEO is to follow Google's advice - keep your content fresh, relevant and interesting. I don't get bogged down in the technical aspects of SEO, because my site ranks well enough through being kept up to date.

If you're operating in a highly competitive industry, such as online retailing, then you'll want to pay more attention to the detail of SEO.

Table of SEO success factors infographic

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors from Search Engine Land - used with permission.